Estonian concrete building 2018

The Concrete Building of the Year 2018 is the building of the Estonian Academy of Arts.

The main prize, architecture – KUU Arhitektid: Joel Kopli, Koit Ojaliiv, Juhan Rohtla and Eik Hermann.
Contractor Award: Estonian Academy of Arts.
Designer Award: Inseneribüroo Printsiip OÜ (Tõnu Peipman, Piret Lindma, Andres Sokk, Tom Arula);
Interior Design Award: Pink OÜ (Tarmo Piirmets, Raul Tiitus);
Constructor Award: Astlanda Ehitus OÜ;
Concrete Works Award: Maru Betoonitööd OÜ; Savekate OÜ,
Concrete Award: Betoonimeister OÜ; Rudus AS,
Concrete Elements Award: Framm AS, Paneelivabrik OÜ;
Formwork Award: Peri AS; Ramirent Baltic OÜ.

Here is the introductory video about the Academy of Arts:

The jury’s comment: „It’s a good example of how a new concrete building has been united with the old concrete buildings. Here we can see concrete constructions of the prewar period of the Republic of Estonia, the reinforced concrete frames of the industrial and administrative buildings from the Soviet period and our contemporary building. Many of the concrete surfaces from different periods are left without covering finishing.”

The jury’s chairman Aadu Kana: „One of our best examples of Estonian industrial architecture and a mixture of rooms from different eras has been united into a dignified, yet youthful entity. The concrete here proves to be a remarkable example of a truly durable material,” he added.



Special Award for outstanding idea and implementation – Architectonics in Pöörise residential district in Tallinn.
Client: – TTP AS,
Design: – Nord Projekt AS: Raiko Reinson and Veiko Zovo,
Constructor – PR Betoon OÜ.

The jury’s comment: „Sculptural structure in the heart of a new residential district reveals the engineers’ skills to shape concrete into a slim and artistic form. The thin cross section has only been achieved through excellent knowledge of concrete as a building material.”

The jury’s chairman Aadu Kana added: “We are proud of this challenging tridimensional construction.”

Special award for Architecture – architect Martin Aunin – Roseni 9/11 hotel-apartment and office building – for innovative use of concrete and display of the material.

The jury’s comment: „Both on the facade of the building and in the interior red concrete dominates. Red concrete has been used in a variety of ways – in fine-cut frames with monolithic concrete casting, as complex or deep patterned facade and balcony border elements and as large-format paving slabs around the house. The red prefabricated wall elements are both outer shell elements and three-layer sandwich elements. The West Facade has a red concrete balcony system. The semi-circular main staircase in the hotel lobby is clean red concrete.”

Aadu Kana emphasizes: “Our special thanks go to architect Martin Aunin, for his keen dedication to concrete, he has practiced with concrete in multiple ways and displayed the materials high quality.”

The magazine “Ehitaja” (Äripäev) Award goes to Haart Ehitus OÜ – for the construction of the Memorial to the victims of communism in Tallinn.


The Special Award of the Estonian Association of Civil Engineers goes to – Järelpinge Inseneribüroo OÜ: Aivar-Oskar Saar, Sven Naadel, Martin Meisalu and Priit Pärn – the designer of the Haabersti intersection facilities in Tallinn.

The Concrete Building of the Year Awards has been held for the 19th year. The aim of the awards is to create awareness for the wider areas of application for concrete and to acknowledge those people who have used this versatile and easy-to-shape domestic building material to implement their ideas.

23 projects were submitted to this year’s competition. Qualification involved concrete buildings that were delivered to the contractor in 2018, as well as any structures and procedures which were used within them.The members of the jury of the Concrete Building of the Year Awards 2018 were Peeter Pere from the Estonian Association of Architects, Kalev Ramjalg from Estonian Concrete Association, Indrek Peterson from the Estonian Association of Construction Entrepreneurs, Indrek Laul from the Estonian Association of Civil Engineers, Andres Saar from the Estonian Association of Architectural and Consulting Engineering Companies, Enno Rebane from the Association of Construction Material Producers of Estonia, Aadu Kana, the jury’s chairman, and also construction journalists – Eva Kiisler, the chief editor of construction publications in „Äripäev”, Liivi Tamm from „EhitusEST” magazine, and Finnish architect Maritta Koivisto from „Betoni” magazine.


Concrete Association of Estonia and Association of Construction Material Producers of Estonia have announced the „Concrete Building of the Year 2018“ competition. The aim of the contest is to contribute to the architectural concrete, concrete construction and concrete technology development, as well as to raise the reputation of concrete as a domestic building material.

„Concrete as the most widely used building material has this year perpetuated itself into the solid choice of the builder,” says the chairman of the Concrete Association of Estonia Tiit Roots. „This year, a number of important buildings will be established. We expect them to take part in our competition,” added Roots.

Conditions to enter the concrete building construction:

– Buildings – structures and constructions – that will be delivered to the owner during the year 2018;

– Buildings that have previously not been submitted to the competition.

– Also designs and proceedings can be submitted.

The winner of the contest is a proceeding or object that invests in the work of the entrepreneurs registered in Estonia and concrete material purveyed locally. Professional engineering and construction is also an important aspect of the selection process, also exactingness, quality and innovation of the contestant.

The grand prix goes to the author of the winning idea. The owner, engineer, constructor, supplier of formwork and concrete producer will be denoted.

The jury comprises of representatives of the Union of Estonian Architects, the Concrete Association of Estonia, the Estonian Association of Civil Engineers, the Estonian Association of Construction Entrepreneurs, the Estonian Association of Architectural and Consulting Engineering Companies, the Association of Construction Material Producers of Estonia, AS Kunda Nordic Tsement and constructional media. The jury is summoned by the promoter of the contest.

The deadline of submission is the 3rd of December 2018.

The winner will be announced on the Estonian Concrete Day in March 2019.